Wheel Up For Phil!

Meet Phil “Smagical” Smage, a professional goat whisperer and full-time World Record-breaker. He was seriously injured during a May 2018 World Record UTV distance jump at the Brimstone White Knuckle Event in Huntsville, Tennessee. Phil sustained multiple broken ribs, broken wrist, collarbone and fractured vertebrae from C3-C7. As evidenced in the video, his fire to crush records is alive and thriving! And now we are in awe of his courage on the road to recovery!

Phil is a wheelie ‘living legend,’ but more importantly he’s also one of the most generous, kindhearted, and down-to-earth people on the planet!! Phil continues to inspire everyone, crushing goals and sharing his rehab story to help motivate injured people to rise above the pain and conquer whatever mountains they face.

When the mountain seems impossibly high, look at your feet & just keep putting one foot ahead of the other. Every mountain is climbed one step at a time!

We appreciate and salute your epic accomplishments each and every day, Phil; your boundless courage inspires us all!


We all love you, dood – keep winning!

<< Click on the wee goat if you want to party…


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The Never Say Never Foundation is committed to helping children and young adults with the challenges in their lives. NSN inspires them and gives them tools to help overcome adversity with a positive attitude. “We want children to understand that they can do anything they desire if only they will focus their minds on each goal!”

“You are the only person who can limit you – NEVER SAY NEVER!”

The Never Say Never Pirate Camp was established in 2012 to teach amputee & challenged youth sailing skills, ocean appreciation, and the importance of overcoming adversity & following their dreams. Not only did we study the fundamentals of sailing and learn to rig & sail many kinds of boats, we also held water battles, raced, kayaked, paddle boarded, dressed up as pirates, sailed an authentic pirate ship, and even partied like pirates. The initial camp was an overwhelming success, and now – six years later – our epic adventure continues to grow, as high as dreams can aspire!

Camp attendees can expect a fun-filled, action-packed, three-full-day weekend, where we’ll be sailing several different kinds of boats, paddle-boarding, kayaking, swimming, fishing, dancing & much much more!

A key ingredient to Camp is simply & fully celebrating life, so there will be plenty of music & dancing. One of our favorite events is our annual Pirate Party, where it’s strongly recommended that everyone dress for the part. Be sure to bring your best salty pirate costume, and – just a fair warning! – we tend to take the ‘Pirate’ in Pirate Camp very seriously (!) so there are always several VERY good costumes every year 🙂

Please know that the weekend is only made possible through the combined efforts of our many cherished NSN volunteers & families – and, of course, our Never Say Never Foundation – working year-‘round to raise funds solely to support creating & sustaining this complex life-enhancing event. We joyfully look forward to all the riotous fun & out-of-the-box excitement experienced in celebrating life with you – and always ALWAYS remember: NEVER SAY NEVER!

<< Pictured here we have young presenter Robyn Koregay who raised enough money to donate two running blades to her fellow camper Ahna Gregory. Ahna will use her new running blades to run, dance, and live a fun active enjoyable lifestyle. Pirate Captain & Never Say Never Co-Founder Nick Stilwell, along with Track & Field Champion, Paralympian & Never Say Never Co-Founder Regas Woods, happily facilitates the presentation.

VIDEO (above left) “Regas Woods Aims to Inspire” – Paralympian, Team USA Track & Field Champion, & Never Say Never Foundation Co-founder Regas Woods, and Paralympian and Team USA Track & Field medalist Nick Rogers discuss the value of inspiration and positive role modeling to people facing challenges.

He's Activating Amputees

“I’m here to motivate & inspire people to Love to LIVE & Live to LOVE the Pura Vida* way!”

Before he lost his right leg above the knee in December 2013, Scotti Trinler traveled the world as an international adventure guide. He started his guiding career 23 years ago in North Carolina as a whitewater rafting guide.  From there Scotti found his way to Switzerland where he got involved in canyoning, riverboarding, kayaking, and corporate team-building events. Scotti started chasing the summers around the world as a high-end adventure guide, living half the year in Switzerland and the other half in New Zealand.  After working for so many great adventure companies, worldwide, he decided to move to Costa Rica where he started a family and set up his own adventure company, taking people on waterfall rappelling adventures. 

After losing his leg in a motorbike accident, Scotti transformed his tragedy into a blessing and has taken his newest adventure head-on. He moved from Costa Rica to South Florida where he attended school to become an ABC (American Board Certified) Orthotic & Prosthetic Technician. 

While living back in America Scotti has been super active in the Adaptive sports community: surfing for Switzerland in the ISA (International Surfing Association) Adaptive World Championships, playing for the A2 U.S. national Sitting Volleyball program, paddleboarding, rock climbing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, tricycling, as well as leading various events for amputees. 

Scotti loves what he does and that’s Activating Amputees!!  

* In Costa Rica, ‘Pura Vida’ is a term that means “pure life” or “simple life.”  More than a phrase, it indicates a way of life.

Honor Late BMX Icons Dave Mirra and Kevin Robinson

The action sports world lost two incredibly talented and iconic BMX athletes within two years of one another. Dave Mirra, who passed in February 2016, and Kevin Robinson, December 2017, were adored by fans from around the world, but none more than their wives and their children.

Please click below to support their families!

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Lonnie Bissonette

Lonnie Bissonnette, an elite extreme athlete from Canada, is one of the world’s most prolific BASE jumpers.  Highly respected and admired by his peers and community at large, Lonnie was injured July 2004 while attempting a quadruple gainer (a gainer is an outward facing, inward rotating flip) on his 1100th BASE jump off a 486 ft (150m)  high bridge.  The lines of his parachute tangled around his foot not allowing his parachute to fully open during the fall.  Lonnie crashed into the river at a speed of about 70 miles per hour (113km/hr), severely breaking several bones in his body, neck and spine, and suffering a spinal-cord injury leaving him paralyzed.  Lucky to have survived that accident,  he was told by his doctor he would never jump again.

Unhindered by the effects of the spinal cord injury,  Lonnie was back flying in the sky within twelve months post accident.  He then made his rounds and jumped off all four objects in B.A.S.E (Buildings, Antennae, Span, Earth) again, thereby earning himself the distinction of being the world’s first ever paraplegic BASE jumper to have jumped from all four of the objects.  Lonnie Bissonnette is Para-BASE #1.   He currently is still the only paraplegic BASE jumper in the world to have jumped off of all four objects.

Dedicated to helping sidelined people get



“I have been preparing myself physically and mentally; I’ve planned this ride using the same route as in the past. I am extremely confident I will be successful on all the logistics and challenges I face in order to complete this new World Record ride. If my personal goal—to set new world records—will inspire even one person to personally climb his or her own success mountain (as Evel Knievel and Jack LaLanne and Bruce Lee inspired me to do, back in the day), none of my efforts and sacrifices will ever have been in vain.”

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